The Stone Document
“The sound(s) soar to the sublime, skronk through the ridiculous, and send the
listener on an aural trip.”   
                                                                      - The Franklin Lakes Journal
The Stone Document is not a band. least not in the traditional sense.  Yes there are three musicians working
together to create music but Stone Document could be better described as a mix
between an aural experiment and a mindfulness exercise.

Dennis Tirch (guitar, synthesizer and programming)and Mark Christensen (Chapman
Stick, guitar and synthesizer) make up the collective known as The Stone Document.  
Dennis and Mark met while studying the Guitar Craft approach to the instrument with
Robert Fripp.  The personal and musical chemistry clicked and the two musicians
decided to embark on an adventure.

That adventure is performing and recording programs of music that are completely
improvisational.  Active listening and considered response are cornerstones of their
approach.  The result is an ever-changing soundscape that veers from jazz-toned
prog rock to luxurious ambient washes, often within a single piece.

Their constanly evolving path can be experienced through listening to the albums
Anamesis (a collaboration between Dennis and derummer Mike Roze that featured
Mark as a guest), Too Red for the Room (SD mkII - the improvising juggernaut trio of
Tirch, Christensen and Roze in full flight) and on the new re-birth of the collaboration
between Tirch and Christensen...

Download versions are now available from and iTunes as well as
through CD Baby.
Their debut album Anamnesis is still available from CD Baby and as a download from
iTunes and